About Us


I’m Annie Byun and it’s so nice to meet you.  I’m currently a graduate student in Harvard University’s extension studies in finance program. I’m a mom and have a full time job in finance.

If you’d like to know more about me personally here’s instagram @sya_byun. 

My friends and I have always had a passion for skincare, makeup and all things self care. This hobby of sharing our favorite things has grow into a business. We hope to share great products that have become staples in our own self care routines. 

RIMAN is one of the brands we carry and their products are effective, quality and affordable.

This site is run by me, an independent RIMAN planner. If you’d like to join the RIMAN community under my referral ID 2064408646 

CLICK HERE to for MY RIMAN Replicated Site, connected to MY REFERRAL ID number to either become a planner or customers. 

PLEASE NOTE: By clicking on this link you will become my Customer. If you intend to enroll with a different Planner, please contact the person that referred you to the Riman products.

Thanks if you use my ID.

If an order has been made in error on this website please sent us a message on our contact us page, we always respond within 24hrs.