Note to Canadian Shoppers

I created this page to answer all the Canadian neighbors that email, call, message me regarding RIMAN. They want to know how do they get their hands on some RIMAN products in Canada.

This is not the corporate website. This site is run by an independent planner, my RIMAN referral 🆔 is 2064408646.


  • My shop only ships within the US, this site does not ship to Canada.
  • However, Corporate does ship to Canada and they have a planner program too!
  • The corporate site is RIMAN.COM
  • When you click this link which connects to my referral ID, there will be a small circle with an American Flag up at the top, click that and drop down to the Canadian Flag. Sign up as a customer or planner under my referral ID if you’d like and thank you!
  • These orders and sign-up are direct from RIMAN.COM and not placed with this site.  Please reach out to if your order starts with a C.