Why are liposomal products more effective?

Why are liposomal products more effective?

I’m sure you’ve  heard it before. Skincare products don’t really do anything. They say most products can’t get through our skin’s barrier. That our skin is naturally designed to be an impenetrable surface. 

Riman is scientifically different and has found ways to be more absorbent.  Our Incellderm Radiansome products use liposomal technology for a more effective delivery. Our products go deeper than others. Coupled with the liposomal technology and our patented smaller molecular shape designed for easier and deeper penetration

Liposomal delivery is considered better for certain substances because it can improve their amount of absorption, protect them from degradation, and enhance their delivery to specific target tissues or cells. Liposomes are tiny lipid vesicles that can encapsulate drugs or nutrients, allowing them to bypass certain barriers in the body and reach their intended destination more effectively. Additionally, liposomes can increase the stability of the encapsulated substances and reduce potential side effects by minimizing their exposure to surrounding tissues until they reach their target site.

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