RIMAN’s commitment to sustainability

Hi I’m Annie Byun.  I’m a planner that finds sustainability important.  I’m even scheduled to take sustainability business courses with my masters degree in finance from Harvard University Extension Studies. I’ve tried many different skincare brands from luxury like La Mer, Skinceuticals to drugstore like Nivea, CeraVe.  I can say with the many choices out there I think Riman has the best delivery technology in skincare.  The products and packaging are thoughtfully created to be clean and sustainable. Here’s some information on Riman’s efforts in sustainability.

At RIMAN, sustainability is not simply a practice, it's a promise. They are committed to constant research and development to satisfy the ongoing initiative of incorporating environmental practices, ingredients, and packaging into every product offering. They know that we have a responsibility to care not just for ourselves, but also for our planet, and we hope to help you fulfill this responsibility through use of our products.

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Jeju Island, a UNESCO world heritage site, holds an abundance of unique vegetation and wild-life. In their commitment to respecting nature and leaving environments undisturbed, we cultivate and utilize its resources with stringent processes and protections to provide formulas not only with exclusive ingredients, but with a promise of sustainability, so that each product holds a promise to honor that which Jeju has to offer humanity.
 Eco-Aware Packaging

Responsibility to the planet doesn't stop at formulation. We are committed to providing sustainable packaging and recycling opportunities whenever possible so that every product's existence fully respects our natural resources. Many of our RIMAN boxes boast an “FSC Mix” label, indicating they are made with a blend of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or controlled wood. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) oversees sustainable forest management and issues initiatives for brands and consumers to make decisions benefiting our arboreal resources. An FSC label on a beauty or food package highlights the responsible utilization of forest-derived materials in that product’s packaging. By choosing a product with an FSC label, you actively contribute to the care of the world’s forests. All our skincare products are recyclable, ensuring that your self-care choices are designed to care for our planet as well. We're continuously pursuing more sustainable packaging options and will persist in improving our offerings.


Protecting All Life

Riman’s commitment to our responsibility to care for the planet just as we do ourselves extends beyond flora but also its fauna. We proudly consider the well-being of our animal neighbors in our product offerings. Currently, all products are cruelty free and composed of natural ingredients. The personal care line, botalab, is also vegan.