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Lifening Beauty Collagen Ampoule

Lifening Beauty Collagen Ampoule

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One month's supply of 2000mg collagen daily.

30 Ampoules each with 15ml.

• Type 1 Hydrolyzed fish collagen for higher bioavailability
• Hyaluronic acid for hydration
• Wheat ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier
• Delicious pomegranate flavor


Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides
Water, Sweetener, Pomegranate concentrate, Natural pomegranate flavor (alcohol, water, natural flavor, pomegranate concentrate), DL- Malic acid, Corn starch, Vitamin C (as Ascorbic acid), Vege Juice Radish Concentrate, Apple Concentrate, Blackcurrant Concentrate, Citric acid, Water, Sodium citrate, Enzymatically modified, Stevia glucosyl stevia, Asiatic pennywort (Centella asiatica) leaf extract, Sevenberry Juice concentrate (Blackberry, Ribes nigrum L, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, cranberry, euterpe oleracea fruit juice concentrates), Hyaluronic acid mixture (dextrin, Hyaluronic acid), Wheat ceramides powder, Elastin, Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) extract powder, Organic sea buckthorn juice, Biotin (as D Biotin)

CONTAINS : Fish (Nile tilapia), Wheat

Note: The above ingredients have been declared in descending order of their concentrations.

How to use


Drink one ampoule daily, either directly from the bottle or mixed with 6 oz of water.




Make a fun Collagen mocktail! Mix one ampoule with soda water and some lemon, add a garnish to finish it off, and viola!

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Why it's special

  1. Treat your skin from within with this concentrated ampoule of skin-benefiting ingredients.
  2. Hydrolyzed fish collagen, which is 1/100th the size of bovine-derived collagen, has a higher rate of absorption in the body for skin hydration and restoration of the barrier. In addition, biotin, wheat ceramides, and hyaluronic acid all work to maintain hydrated, healthy skin.
  3. The easy-to-drink, pomegranate flavor allows for achieving inner and outer beauty to be a no-brainer.
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